1. Can’t sleep. Been worrying about tests. Don’t let history repeat itself.

  2. Funny how I met someone who says they’re not into being judged because they are different. Once I added him on facebook, that changed and he unfriended me because of a few images of me not being the type of person he thought I was. Funny huh.

  3. I will traveling to Brazil tomorrow for one month. Hopefully there is internet over there. If so, there will be posts coming up regarding the trip. 

    Until then, gg ez.

  4. Dreamt of kissing someone hot but then had them told me I had bad breath and wouldn’t haves sex with me because of it. What does this mean?

  5. OK these few weeks have been the worst. I dont know if I should go into more details than to say the world is a shitty place to be living on. Die, as it seems, is more appealing about now. 

  6. Merry Christmas, I think

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  8. So tired. The place. The cold. The early get ups. My body can’t handle such physical demands, and the brain stands to hate such demands are being done to me. The good news is the it is coming to an end, and by tomorrow I am ok. Hopefully.

  9. Sis visiting turns out to be an awesome time.

  10. So.. Sis can over to visit when she wasn’t supposed to. But a nice surprise regardless.