1. Two tests tmrw. Feeling th beat down.

  2. Applied for an internship at a big company. Fingers crossed!

  3. Saw my grades. They’re not that good. So unhappy :(

  4. Major headaches

  5. These few weeks have not been good. First, there were exams. Under the conditions, I was not ready to do my all, and that resulted in me feeling gutted. I had my mind set for good scores, and as per usual, life is a big disappointment.

    Now I am supposed to be holidays. Yet, my days are spent slaving away in this freezing container we called a butchery. For another week, I will be back to the yoosh where life permits nothingness and that feels better than here. I think.

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    So cold. Outside a storm, inside a freezer to get toes frosted.

    So cold. Outside a storm, inside a freezer to get toes frosted.

  7. This holiday had been doing pretty boring. I have been participating in nothing but in gaming life, twentyfourseven in front of the tv. There have been moments i wish i wasn’t doing it. No self control!

  8. Exam today! I can’t believe I’ve gotten over the hurdle of learning these freaking names for the pathways in name of the science! Too much info. May be amnesiac later on.

  9. Video games will ruin your life. So hard to get out of the habit of doing it. Like I have these exams that I really need to get high marks on. So hard. SO FUCKING HARD. 

  10. <p>These few days have been depressing. I was engulfed in my own thoughts. The kind that I had when I was at aunts place. And they were the killing that was brought upon in the preceding years. I am revisiting them now. </p>

    <p>Another thing, I checked my email and I get a response from my application for aiesec position. Well what do you know, apparently I don&#8217;t fit into their organisation. Too old and wrinkled for their liking.</p>

    <p>When life hits you hard, just gotta stand straight and have swag.